TZR Investment

Navigating Wealth, Charting Success.

TZR Investment stands as a distinguished privately held investment specialist, operating from its headquarters in Singapore. We excel in investment advisory, asset management, and private capital investments.

About Us

TZR Investment is a privately held investment advisory, asset manager, and private capital investment firm headquartered in Singapore.

TZR offer unbiased, independent, financial counsel focused on the unique needs of our global client base. At TZR Investment we Offer our clients, a wide range of services and access to global investment opportunities, capital markets, tax, operating expertise, estate planning and cash management. We are a trusted financial advisor for a varied group of clients for whom we carefully craft and implement tailor-made strategies for stock purchases, wealth accumulation, transfers and preservation.

Our goal is to foster equitable, long-term relationships with our clients, business partners, and members of our investment community. TZR Investment will work to maximize value by leveraging our extensive network of relationships to find, assess, and evaluate new opportunities, whether buying, selling, or forming strategic partnerships. TZR serves a distinct group of clients, from multiple Institutions including hedge funds, global brokerages and investment banks. As well as private clients including high net worth sophisticated investors and retail investors alike.

Global Equities

Explore international markets, preserve capital, and achieve growth with our diversified equity investment strategy.


Discover the Advantages of IPO Investing, including potential for high returns, reduced market volatility, and access to
fundamentally strong companies at discounted rates.

Alternative Investments

Explore the benefits of alternative investments in managing market volatility and optimizing long-term performance.

Secondary Markets

The Secondary Markets is a very dynamic space for sophisticated investors, find out how to access this lucrative section of the stock market.

Commodities & Options

Unlock portfolio potential. Our expert advisory in global commodities and options ensures strategic diversification, real-time insights, and personalized risk management. Elevate your strategy. Prosper with confidence.

Tailored Guidance

Uncover the Potential of Private Equity and Secondary Markets with TZR Investment. Discover how these investments drive growth, innovation, and financial success.